Blackwater, MO

Blackwater was founded in 1887 alongside the Missouri Pacific Railroad line and became their only coal refilling stop between Kansas City and Jefferson City. The downtown commercial district is on the National Register of Historic Places. You can find a full list of businesses, attractions, and events on their website!

Hotel History

In 1889, shortly after Blackwater was founded, the Frady Hotel was built to house workers and travelers on the railroad. The original, wooden building caught fire soon after and was replaced with a two story brick building. The hotel changed hands several times over the years, and became known as the City Hotel. In 1993, another fire destroyed  most of the building. The property was then purchased by Bobby Danner, Blackwater's mayor at the time. After  a massive restoration project, the property was opened as the Iron Horse Hotel in 2002.


2020 is the start of a new chapter for the Iron Horse Hotel. It is now operated by Nichole Cornine, the niece of Bobby Danner who brought the hotel back to life after the fire of '93. She is dedicated to helping the hotel and town thrive by offering exceptional, small town hospitality.  Whether you have a whole weekend to relax or just a few minutes to explore, we hope to see you soon!